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Take a look at our new building!

"Click on the images to see larger views"

Week 1 :: 10/5/03

Breaking Ground

Landscape View

View from Mitchell Blvd

Week 3 :: 10/23/03

A picture of our sign in the front of the building site.

Bob is breaking ground with heavy machinery.

The entrance to the site.

Horizontal View of the build site.

The fill dirt starts to arrive for the foundation.

Week 7:: 11/23/03

A Panoramic View of our building and site

A picture of the future parking lot.

Looking out from the build site onto Mitchell Blvd.

Week 11:: 12/26/03

The start of the framing around the foundation.

Outside view of the foundation framing.

Top view of the foundation framing.

Week 17:: 2/09/04

The foundation is starting to take shape.

The plumbing is installed!

The wood framing arrives for the roof.

Week 20:: 3/1/04

The walls and foundation are up.

Side view from Mitchell Blvd.

Inside shot from the corner entrance.

Week 22:: 3/14/04

Side View with roof on.

Front view of building.

Week 24:: 3/28/04

The shingles are on.

Hallway view.

Expected completion date of June!

Week 30:: 5/10//04

Side view from Parking lot

Front view of building with columns.

Check back for updates to our photo gallery!

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